PED Agent 69 Life-Size Love Do - Pipedream Extreme Dollz

PED Agent 69 Life-Size Love Do - Pipedream Extreme Dollz

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Piegāde 3-8 dienas 360.00

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Materiāla apraksts: Polychlorid (Vinyl), TPR, Polyester
Paredzēts: men
Svars: 3760
Krāsa: hautfarben hell
A beauty with all the extras!
This sex doll looks sensually at her lover with her seductive 3D face and long brown hair. Her hands and feet are also fully formed and are waiting to be held and stroked, while her cheeky breasts with hard nipples are extremely eye-catching as well. Both pleasure canals are in a masturbator that can be removed so that it can be cleaned easily. The masturbator has a texture inside.

Vinyl, TPR, polyester.
Materiāla apraksts
Polychlorid (Vinyl), TPR, Polyester
hautfarben hell

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